Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday Morning-Pet Travel Specials

Tuesday Morning On Line has Pet Gear for the Traveling Dog. Becca bought these today for Little Morgan.

I-GO2 Pet Traveler $24.99
Compare at $49.99
Pet Gear is a roller bag, backpack, carseat, and tote all in one! It’s designed and developed for the utmost convenience and comfort and approved by most airlines for travel. Suitable for pets up to 15 lbs.

Pet Gear Happpy Trails Pet Stroller
Style No. PG8100ST
$69.99 each

Take your pet anywhere in this cobalt blue Happy Trails Pet Stroller by Pet Gear! It safely contains and protects your pet wherever you go. The durable nylon carrier features zip entry and mesh panels for easy in and out and breathability. Suitable for pets up to 30 lbs.

Features Include:
• Sporty Euro Canopy
• Removable Weather Guard
• Large Storage Basket
• Waterproof Interior Pad
• Parent Tray
• Shock Absorbers
• Dimensions – 23”H x 12”W x 24”L

Shipping Ran $25.00 but well worth finding the items reduced.

It solves our problem that she cannot carry her bag without tiring. (Dog is 5 pounds and cases are heavy causing fatigue). She will definitely be one pampered service dog who does not even have to walk to be of service :) We learned that Morgan travels well, but I get to carry her in her case through the airport. Now Becca can be independent. I also learned that the airline does not charge for Morgans Luggage or supplies.

I wonder if the airlines has ever had a Dog Stroller checked at the gate? Little Morgan impressed me and the airlines with her "perfect behavior" on her trip to Texas, lets hope she behaves that well on the way home.


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Augie Ray said...

You must be very careful evaluating "deals" like this! My wife and I maintain an ecommerce site for pet strollers. We carry the same Happy Trails pet stroller at $84.99 WITH shipping. Tuesday Morning charges $20 for shipping (to our zip code in the middle of the US), so their pet stroller is actually more expensive.

You can learn more about the Happy Trails Pet Stroller and get a better price at