Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kmart--My Shopping Trip Plans

Our Kmart has double coupons on ad up to $.75 and with Kmart Doubling Proctor and Gamble Coupons up to and including $2.00, buy $35.00 worth of P & G items--Mail in and Get a $10.00 Kmart Gift Card.

My Plan

Proctor and Gamble $10.00 Gift Card Items
Tide $10.99
Less $1.00 mfg. coupon* = $8.99
Head and Shoulders 5 @ $6.00 = $30.00
Less 5--$2.00 mfg. coupons (from inside Prilosec) -$20.00
Subtotal $40.99 before coupons $18.99 after coupons

Kelloggs $17.00 Movie Tickets
Buy Pop Tarts 10 @ $2.50 = $25.00
Less 10--$.55 coupons* -$11.00
(Can only be 4 of the same coupon, but found Pop Tarts Coupons at Walmart in 4 different flavors)
Subtotal $14.00

P&G $18.99 + Kelloggs $14.00 =$32.99
Use $5.00/$50.00 Kmart Coupon
Pay $27.99

Get $10.00 Gift Card, 2 Free Movie Tickets ($17.00) and 5 Shampoos for the Gift Bags for the Men in the Homeless Shelters and Tide for my Washer.


Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

My KMART is doubling anything up to $2 but I still haven't got around to hitting it .

Annystribe said...

I have heard that ours is also, but it was a misprint. Someone I knew checked it out by trying to double a $1.00 coupon (non P&G) and it worked. Our Kmart has no signage about the doubles or the $10 off $35 gift card but was on our ad. I am heading out tomorrow night, as I have been spring housecleaning and STAYING Home.