Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Ready for Shopping for Kasja

I just went through my buckets of clothing I have collected on end of the season clearance sales for little ones. I just discovered that Kasja grew much faster than we expected. I have more l8 months clothing than 24 months. Kasja is l4 months and into 24 months and 2Ts for the upcoming season.

Fortunately for my miscalculation on which percentile this little one would be in will not be wasted as Kasja's little sister Mahala is due in July and will fit into the 18 month spring/summer stuff eventually.

I have some clothing for her especially little sundresses and a couple of sunsuits but I am short shorts and tops. Kristy and I will just have to go shopping :) I am sure Kristy will not complain, but I may have to buy Grandpa an ITUNEs Card when I get home or maybe 2!

I printed off the 30% off Gymboree in store coupon, my 20% off your next purchase of $40.00 or more from Oshkosh, and 20% off any purchase of $50.00 or more. I forwarded the coupons on to Kristy just in case I forget them at home.

For those who do not know me well, I am a kids clothes junkie and expert kids shopper. When my older kids were small I worked for a very exclusive childrens clothing store chain in the Minneapolis area for years. With my discount and buying off season or buying mix and match of an entire grouping of clothing my kids were usually dressed well and color coordinated. (I say usually, as my Ian could mess up any outfit in the time we walked out the door to the time we put him into his car seat).

This Grandma stuff and shopping for bargains is the best. This next weeks blog will be coming from Texas and I look forward to sharing the Children's wear bargains I find from Austin.

I have done my research, there is a Carters and Gymboree right in Cedar Park within 4.5 miles of Kristy's and the Round Rock Outlet Center is 15.4 from Kristy's with not only Oshkosh, Carters, Gymboree, Children's Place, Ralph Lauren and almost anything we want. Becca is excited, she DOES NOT NEED anything, but she will try on stuff with her big sister anyway.

Well I better go and see what I own that still fits for the summer weather in Texas. 50 has added 15 unwanted pounds.

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