Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can't Find My Summer Clothes Bucket--Lands End Deals

I just tried on my clothing for my trip to Texas and realized I am really short on clothing that fits. I now know why...I had packed away my shorts and tops and can't find them anywhere. I have only 1 pair of shorts and a pair of capris that I can find. I knew that I needed to go over to the Bargain Nook and see what Lands End items I can find for incredibly frugal prices!

I live in SW Wisconsin and near the home of Lands End. Lands End is a generous company and supports persons with developmental disabilities with donating merchandise to several thrift stores run by the DD organizations.

I ran out and found 2 plain short sleeve polo shirts, a sleeveless polo which I love, and three pairs of khaki and black capris which were on the sale. With using my 20% off coupon and combining it with my $10.00 free from filling my punch card, I have three complete outfits for under $5.00. These items are new, and I cannot find any visible flaws. Three pairs of Capris, Three Rugby Tops for $5.00 and with Lands End quality and styles they will last me for many years.

Now that I bought some capris and tops, I can't find the swimsuits. They are packed away I had them when I was sorting for the resale and garage sale, I am hoping that they did not get given to charity by mistake. I am praying that we find them soon, losing a whole families swimsuits with our pool in the backyard would be a disaster. I had offered a reward for anyone finding the plastic comforter bag which contained the swimsuits...and I won the $2 prize. I found them in the laundry room closet next to the extra laundry detergent. Prayers were answered, now only if I can find my shorts.

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