Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toys R Us-Hasbro Board Game Deal (3 Games for Free after Rebates and Gift Card)

Toys R Us Board Game Sale and Deals this week 3/28/10

Buy $20.00 worth of Hasbro Board Games get a $5.00 Toys R Us Gift Card.

You will be able to score amazing deals if you have already printed off the coupons or have any left from the newspaper. Need more games coupons? You can buy some of them at The Coupon Clippers.

$4.99 ($2.99 after rebate)
Candyland, Cootie, Memory Games, Chutes and Ladders, and Candy land

$8.99 ($5.99 after rebate)
Operation , Twister , Connect 4, and Battle Ship

Elefun and Gator Golf ($9.99 after Rebate) Receive Free Elefun Stuffed Friends with Purchase $9.99)

Combine it with the Hasbro Game Coupons for some amazing deals.

Deal Idea 1:
Buy Operation $8.99
Buy Connect 4 $8.99
Buy Twister $8.99
or Buy Monopoly $9.99
Buy a Total of 3
Total 26.97
Use $5.00 Hasbro Operation Game mfg. coupon
Use $4.00 Hasbro Connect 4 Game mfg. coupon
Use $4.00 Hasbro Twister Game mfg. coupon
or Use $5.00 Hasbro Monopoly mfg. coupon
Pay $13.97 for 3 Games
Receive $5.00 Toys R Us Gift Card
Submit for Hasbro Mfg. Rebates 3 @ $3.00 ($9.00)
Net Profit $.03

Deal Idea #2
Buy Elefun or Gator Golf $12.99
Get Elefun Friend for FREE $9.99
Hasbro Operation $8.99
Total $21.98 (including free item $32.97)
Use $5.00 off Hasbro Elefun coupon *if you were lucky enough to print it and it still is good.
Use $5.00 off Hasbro Operation coupon *
Pay $11.98
Receive $5.00 Toys r Us Gift Card
Submit for Hasbro Rebate 2 @ $3.00 ($6.00)
Net Cost $.98

We have a doctors appointment in Madison and we will be stopping by Toys R Us and picking up some games to drop off at our local Children's Hospital. Becca and I have spent too much time in them and it is our way of paying it forward. Join us and doing a Children's Hospital Game Drop!

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