Friday, March 26, 2010

Garage Sale Season Begun--My Find of the Day

My friend Joleen called yesterday to remind me that the tiny village of Louisburg (Louisiana in Detamara's infamy) had their "Citywide" Garage Sales today. I roused Detamara up early and we were off to the tiny hamlet of maybe 20+ homes and a car dealership about 20 miles from home. For the past two years I have launched my garage sale season the last weekend in March. Sometimes in snow, rain, and this year a sunny 23 with a stiff wind that chilled us through.

But the trip was worth it. My find of the day.... This Wooden 26 Count Pottery Barn Block Set. Guess what I had paid... no cheating by blowing up the picture. A amazing 75 cents.

I picked up a stack of button up shirts in size 3T to 5 for Nathan's little paddles (Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nautica etc. ) for a $1 each and two pairs of designer dress cords to match the 2 designer sweaters. I found a couple of Melissa and Doug sets, Tanagrams and lacing cards for a couple of dollars each.

My second favorite find was a Stainless Steel Stockpot with Glass Lid, they were asking $10, with a little haggling got it for $6 and I now have enough pots when I make freezer meals. Detamara couldn't resist the Cuisinart Egg Cooker in its original package.

Detamara (a city kid) was laughing when we were walking up to one garage being followed by a couple of geese and a pair of farm ducks, as an Amish buggy was pulling in. Just a day in the life of a doctors family in farm country.

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