Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meet Detamara's Rescued Dog Holly

Detamara and Holly

Two summers ago, we acquired a new member of the family. We were helping a friend move and the house that they rented came with an abandoned Yellow Lab/Golden Retreiver named Holly. Her owners had abandoned the house 7 years earlier and left the dog on her own dropping off food into her garage home once a week. My friends family had taken care of her for a year. They were moving and on Saturday we frantically tried to find an open shelter and to no avail. With my friends 5 adopted children, Detamara and Becca (a dog lover) Doc knew that we had no choice but pick her up put her in the truck with him and moved her along with the furniture. By this time, my girls were worried terribly about the lethargic dog and we realized we just "adopted again!"

She arrived in Lancaster with her 90+ woodticks and after a bath, tick removal we were off to the vet and $300+ later. The dog had severe Lymes disease, a raging kidney and bladder infection that had been ongoing. With Holly being an older dog we did not know whether she was going to survive, but Detamara took on the challenge of nursing the neglected dog. We had new carpet and a leaking dog with damaged bladder control. She cried being in the laundry room and Detamara told me that "Just because someone is old, we don't give up on them, we buy diapers". "Besides you had to buy pull ups when you adopted me".

Detamara and Holly (now coined Diaper Dog by Howard the Orkin Man) are the best of friends. Bonded by their neglectful histories, where ever Detamara goes Holly is only a few steps behind. Holly is now about 10+ years old, her white face shows her age. But for the remainder of Holly's life she is spoiled. No longer neglected, she is happy to wear her Diapers and no longer wants for attention or a warm place to sleep and has plenty of food. Estrogen pills from the vet is helping keeping leaking to a minimum and we can now get by on a package a week!

Detamara has helped Holly heal and Holly has helped Detamara. A girl and her big old dog.

Diaper Dog

Yesterdays Walgreen Find--Clearance Adult Diapers for Our Dog!
$3.79 less $1.50 coupon = $2.29 and we have three weeks worth of diapers.

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