Sunday, March 28, 2010

Becca's Pay it Forward--Hasbro Games or Childrens Movies for Your Children's Hospital

Becca's Pay it Forward to Get Games and Children's Movies to local Children's Hospital's.
Meet Becca

Can you help?

What can we do with all the great Games we have been finding lately

Use the game and Disney Children's Movie Deals Pay it Forward. Check out this weeks post for for some amazing game deals for charity.

Becca has spent way too much time in her 20 years at the Children's Hospitals. The games and movies were her constant companions when things were tough.

What will we do with all these amazing card games and board games and Children's Movie Deals? With using our coupons, rebates, even gift cards we can find some amazing deals and why not pick up an extra set along with Becca.

Pick them up and drop them off at your local Children's Hospital in honor of our special kids. Or another idea....drop them off at your local Boys and Girls club chapter to help even more children. Detamara's idea.

Becca has been struggling lately, sick and even more sick and tired of trying to explain to the schools just how hard it is to be Becca. She is working on something positive and also fulfill her volunteer high school graduation requirements by organizing the campaign.

Please consider helping these amazing places who help so many children's lives but also you help yourself feel good by making difference.

Post back and let us know if you joined her in dropping off games or movies... and Win a Set of 3 Games for a Charity of your local Children's Hospital.

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Trish said...

I love your blog and I love this post! I always try to pick up anything extra I can get for free or really cheap with coupons/rebates/gift card deals. I love shopping and you really can get some amazing deals for next to nothing. I have donated tons of stuff that I have gotten for just a little leg work. It feels great to give, and even with only one income, I still manage to feel like I'm making a difference without cutting into our budget.