Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Freebies for the Day--Turning Shopping into an Art and Saving Money

My Freebies for the Day

Savings: $160.73
Paid: $2.99 + Tax

I rode with Doc to round in our neighboring town and he dropped me off at Walgreens. I began with using Flex money to pick up two transactions of 5 Dayquil each which netted me 2--$10.00RR after spending $14.95 after coupons each. I rolled from there, doing three more transactions with a smiling assistant manager!

My plan needed to be modified because of finding more deals and coupons. Picking up 3 cheese, 3 meat and 2 Oreos (for Doc and Dee) to get the Kraft Reward. Scoring 4 boxes of Post Fruity Pebbles for free and was shocked when I got another $3.00 RR. But I still did alright. Only paying for fillers and my Diet Pepsi as I was done before he got back from visiting patients. Adding in 2 DozenEggs, 4 Glade Sense and Sprays, 4 cans of Mushrooms, 2 Colgate Total, 2 Gillete Body Wash, 2 Gillette Deodorants, and Gerber Baby Food Peaches for baking Gluten-free Peach Yogurt Muffins this afternoon. Total $1.06 and $1.93 at Walgreens.

We then headed over Walmart and picked up $1.00 Glade Candes and Plug-ins using coupons and our FREE Oreo Cakesters, Herbal Essense Shampoo and Free $.25 packages of 3 stretchable gloves to use up my overage and I price matched Walgreens to get lactose free Breyers Ice Cream and 6 Oscar Mayer Deli Chicken. We also used the $1.39 Franks Red Hot Sauce coupons and got 3 larger bottles for $.44 each. I splurged and treated myself to some fresh fruit for breakfast because of saving so much elsewhere!

Stopping by Piggly Wiggly I picked up cheese to add as fillers to get the before coupon total over $25.00 and scored 6 boxes of Honey Nut Chex and a Gallon of Milk.

I had been staying home for the past two months, living out of our pantry. For me turning saving is an art...a challenge... and just to see how far I can stretch out a dollar. Besides with only two kids home I am now bored! I would have never believed that living in rural America I can get this much for FREE.

Happy saving.