Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Piggly Wiggly--Double Coupons and 6 FREE General Mills Cereal

Piggly Wiggly in our area is doubling coupons from March 3-23! I am so excited. They will double up to 5 coupons up to a $1.00 with a $25.00 purchase.

  • Split your order into $25.00 increments to be able to double more coupons.
  • Hand the coupons you want doubled to the cashier first, then the rest of the coupons.
  • Maximize savings by matching on sale items with coupons and then figure which items will have the greatest savings. The top five or ten if order is split will be the doubled coupons.

Anny's Crazy Pig Deal Find
--Week of March 3 to 10.

Buy 6 boxes of select General Mills Cereals and Get $10.00 off and a coupon for FREE Milk.Scenario

Buy 6 boxes General Mills Cereal @ around $3.00+ a box $18.00
Use 4--$.75 coupons from (doubled) -$6.00
Use 1--$1.00/2 coupon (many out there) (doubled) -$2.00
Less the $10.00 savings from the Pig
FREE Cereal and a coupon for FREE Milk.*

*If the cereal is a few cents over $3.00 there may be a dollar or two to be paid at the register

I will buy my produce on this transaction as to not have any other coupons on it to get my $25.00 sale.

I will be stocking up on Chex as we have to eat Gluten-free except for the Doc. My shelves were
getting low after the kids were home for Christmas stocking up from Mom's Mini-Superstore.


redscarlet02 said...

Thanks for sharing this great deal and reminding me to think outside the box... (5 coupons double, but you can use more in one transaction). I'll have to check out my PV Piggly Wiggly.

Lindsey said...

Not sure if you have a Hy-Vee in your area but thought I'd share this weekend's deal with you:
Buy a Haier deep freeze for $199, get $200 in coupons for FREE food and a $15 Hy-Vee gift card! I went last night and purchased one and the coupons are great! Also, we will have Alliant Energy come pick up our old (very costly and very inefficient) freezer and will get a $50 rebate check from them! You can check out my post here for more details!