Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Target Toy Clearance Waiting

We ran out to Target tonight to scope out the toys to see what is left before the Thursday markdowns. Many people are reporting that the toys will go down again tomorrow.

I wanted to run tonight and see what was left. I have a wallet full of high value Leapfrog coupons and when I saw that they only had 1 of each of four different TAG books left, I bought them before the markdowns.

Tag Books $6.98 less $4.00 coupons making them $2.98 each for Miss Kasja's Tag reader.
We found one Leapster left at 1/2 off $24.99 less $10.00 making it $14.99. There was one Cars Leapster Game and One Ratiquoille Leapster Game left at $12.44 (1/2 price) less my $5.00 coupons on each. Paid $7.44 each after coupon.

I couldn't risk getting losing them waiting for the Morning Rush. I just settled on getting them at 75% after coupon :) Settling for 75% off is making me sound really cheap, oh well.

I can't post the Leapfrog Coupon link as it is no longer active since Monday :(

Becca is still up at Midnight and we have to be out of the house at 7:00 to drive to the city. I can't sleep either wondering what we will get in the morning if Target marks their toys down.

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