Friday, July 10, 2009

Kmart--Doubles Trip #3 and $76.00 in Free Toys

The girls and I went to Kmart and we did 4 sets of deals. One set of Kimberly Clark products and 3 sets of Unilever. We spent our 4--$14.00 catalina shopping coupons along with 4 --$5/$20 Toy Coupons and bought 4 transactions of $20+ toys. We went over $20 on a couple of the toy transactions and with tax we spent under $10 for over $85 in toys plus tax with $76 savings. These were NEW for fall toys. I had already cleaned up on the 50% off the clearance toys on Sunday and it is all picked over.

The cashiers were impressed by my totals on the doubles and shocked by the savings on the toys deal :) It feels amazing to have the cashiers impressed!!


Anonymous said...

What is a catalina?

Annystribe said...

It is a $$$ off your next shopping order coupon the machine spits out when you buy certain products. I had to buy $50 worth of Kimberly Clark or Unilever products to get my $14 off shopping order catalina coupon.