Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to School Deals Begin

Miss Becca in the Middle with some of our Backpack Friends (2005)

If anyone has read my story, Tiny Titan, they know that Back to School is one of my most favorite time of the year. Not because I am sending my kids back to school, because of a miracle so many years ago, that I get the gift of repaying backpacks that my kids had received when our family was in poverty from Becca's catastrophic illness and Jim losing his job to cover her million dollars in medical bills.

Where my frugalness and bargain hunting skills are best served is through school supply shopping. I have taught my kids how to stretch small change and turn them into school supplies which over the past 7 years have served over 5000 children in the communities were we have lived. The miracles of the multiplying backpacks and schools supplies and who it would inspire.

Over the next two months check back and find out the whole story and I will be posting Back to School Deals to save money with sending the kids back to school.

I will be posting Weekly Back to School hints and deals. This year I would like other frugal bloggers to join the campaign to help needy children have NEW backpacks and school supplies in your own communities.

As you are out shopping, pick up the Back to School Frugal Finds and find your own communities back to school drives and help children have a New Backpack and Supplies to Start School Ready to Learn.


Alicia@Playing With Paper said...

This sounds like an awesome idea! I work at Head Start (early intervention program for poverty stricken families) during the school year and often buy things when they are really cheap and send them home with the children so that they have learning supplies. I think I will join your campaign and fill a backpack!

Annystribe said...

When we were in Kalamazoo we served many children who went to Head Start over the years. We also donated boxes of crayons, glue, scissors to the program. Thank you for the pledge of a backpack.