Saturday, July 4, 2009

Garage Sale Find--Becca's Angels Provided

With our move to the country, I made myself "rules" about Garage Sales. Most of the rural communities have Citywide sales and that is the only time I can head out of town for a sale. I can only visit the Garage sales our small town and when I do errands in another town. Otherwise it is too far to travel and waste too much gas and put too many miles on the car.

The holiday weekends especially July 4th there are never any good sales, just like there are no coupon inserts. Both rules proved wrong this weekend.

I saw an ad for a sale today earlier in the week and when Doc and I headed over to the hospital to round and hit up Saturdays Farmers Market at the library and I remembered I wanted to visit the one and only garage sale. We stopped by and it had many antiques and vintage items for really cheap, but I am in the midst of clearing out clutter so passed on everything. Just as I was leaving I heard the owners of the sale talking about hooking the laptop and remembered "why" I had wanted to stop in the first place.

They were selling a laptop and when asking about it, soon discovered they were selling EXACT laptop Becca was saving for. Navy Blue and all. The owner was a lady with disabilities who uses a walker had bought it for herself but once home discovered it was "TOO SMALL" for her to use. Just the same reason why Becca wanted a new one to lounge on the couch with on her bad days when she is too sick to use the desktop.

They had bought it just two months ago and it had been just sitting used only twice!! Asking the price they said $125 and I offered $100. Sold! Explaining that my daughter who is 19 wanted it because her hands are tiny, and her arms with their elbow contractures too weak to lift her full size laptop. She has been on the computer since she was 2 years old and it is her lifeline to the world.

The Tiny Titan's Mini Laptop is blue to match her new blue scooter for her mobility. She was excited and it was a welcome diversion from not feeling well until she discovered "the book was missing". Oh well, Monday I will be on the phone calling to get "the book" and unsticking Becca on the issue. In the meantime I got it hooked up to our home network and it is working well.

On the bright note: I got a $300 laptop for $100!!
Acer Aspire One 8.9" Screen with XP instead of Vista (Becca doesn't like Vista).

This bargain find is just another miracle from God that he has our needs in his control. How else do I explain this gift? It is just another miracle in Becca's life.

Postscript: Becca was just looking at the laptop and discovered it had a brand new 8 GB Samsung Memory Card (about $40) in the card slot ... I had just told Doc Wednesday that I needed a bigger memory card for Nikon Camera he bought me for Christmas before Marissa's September wedding and our trip to California. God provided another blessing...


Celia said...

God is always on time to meet our needs.

Michelle said...

God is good! ALL the time! And he cares about our every, little need/want. What a great story, thanks for posting it!

Alicia@Playing With Paper said...

Wow! That is awesome! God always looks out for us!! I have Vista in my desktop and I want to get XP installed too! LOL Great deal!!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Great story of God's provisions!

candace said...

wow, what an amazing deal and I'm so glad Becca was able to score!