Monday, July 13, 2009

No Post Tomorrow--I am Tearing up my Storeroom

I will be MIA tomorrow (Tuesday). I began today completely tearing apart my storeroom (I am blessed in this house of mine to have a 14 x 20+ foot furnace storeroom in the basement level). I spent today emptying the freezer that Dee had left the door open on, because it refroze I ignored it until Becca's Drivers Training
Homework was done :)

Today Detamara and I emptied the freezer. Throwing away $1000 worth of frozen cow and food was not easy to do, but it is done. I am proud of myself I didn't cry!! Only did that when I discovered the freezer door wide open and everything unthawed, now the freezer is broken! Besides emptying a half a box of contractors trash bags filled with food it is now at curbside waiting for the trash truck tomorrow morning. My garbage man will not like me after this many heavy bags of trash.

Tomorrow I have vowed that I will not go on line to check my mail until I have put in a half a day in the storeroom, no frugal finds, no cruising blogs, no posting until I am DONE!

Doc helped me move all the tubs of clothing out of one end and that will be consolidated into the garage shelving. I will be moving my shelves to better utilize the space now that we have been here two years I know how I want it, and my "Mom's superstore" has outgrown its side.

I have two more shelving units to put together, a freezer to wash out, move it to its new location, and then empty the shelving units, move them into place and then fill up the shelving again. My goal of finishing this project will take me all day and I will not go to bed tomorrow until it is finished.

I pray my back that I threw out back in June will not act up and my asthma settles down. I won't tell the doctor what I am up to, and Doc better not tell either. The moldy floor under the refrigerator cause me trouble already tonight. The floor has now been scrubbed and bleached. I am now on prednisone to avoid a trip to the emergency room when I ran for my inhaler. Mold is my biggest trigger with my asthma even worse than smoke. Yes, I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I have no choice!! Tomorrow it will be easier to breath, but I hope my back doesn't miss behave.

Postscript: I worked until 5:30 am Tuesday and gave myself permission to post something.
I will work until I finish, I still need 4 more white 5 shelf units but hope that I can find them at Kmart or Menards so I don't have to head to the Big City taking much of my day.


Lisa said...

Would wearing a surgical mask help with the mold and dust?

Annystribe said...

I should have thought of that. Now that my meds kicked in I am feeling fine and NOT sleepy. I am getting alot done and it is looking like I am making progress.