Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kmart Doubles and an extra 50% off Clearance Toys

We scored!! We headed to Kmart to pick up our 10 coupons and take advantage of stocking up on Kimberly Clark Products and pick up our $14.00 Shopping order Catalina coupons. I budget $100 a month to take advantage of doubles coupon for household items. (We still have $47 in the budget after Becca and My spending the $50 to get the 2--$14 catalinas for buying Kimberly Clark Products...we stocked up on Cottonelle, Goodnights, Purex and Cereal). The rest of my trips this week will be under $5 each.

We walked in surprised to find an extra 50% off clearance toys. Combining it with my $5/$20 Kmart Toys coupons and the $5/$50 we did our Birthday Shopping, Christmas Shopping along with picking up the Double Deals.

My $11.00 bargain!!!!!!

I rolled my my 2--$14.00 Catalinas (each a separate transaction) ... I got the Little Tikes Fire Station With Blower, originally $99.99 for a mere $11.00(which will be great with my $2.00 Step 2 Fire Truck I picked up at a garage sale last month) and A Leapster originally $49.99 for $3.50. I spent another $100 out of the Christmas/birthday budget for over $500 worth of toys and games. Many of these will go for Toys for Tots. Becca and Dee are shooting each other with Nerf
guns as I write. ($2.50 each).

This picture does not include everything, our games and toys are already put away, along with gifts I don't want certain people to see for Christmas and Birthday Gifts.

and even better... my Gluten-free Chex are on sale 4/$6.00 less 2--$1.00 coupons for a Total of $2.00 for four boxes or $.50 each. Becca, Doc and I each ran through with 4 and scored 12 boxes of Gluten-free Cereal for $6.00 after coupons.

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Celia said...

WOW awesome deals!!! I wish our K-Mart would do doubles but they never do.