Monday, July 6, 2009

Kmart Doubles--Purex Completes Frugal Laundry

With knowing that Kmart has been doubling I ordered 10 coupons for Purex Completes. ($1.00/10) Becca and I each picked up 4 at Kmart yesterday for $1.99 each after doubling our $2.00 coupons. I will use my last two coupons later this week if there is any left.

I have been using it for the last two weeks and it seems to get the clothes clean and it works in the dryer prevent wrinkling. I reuse the dryer sheet with the next load for added softening.

8 packages of 25 count (refills) each Purex Completes = 200 sheets
Regular Size loads because we have a water softener I only need to use 1/2 sheet--- 400 loads of laundry.
8 @ $5.99= $47.92
Plus $1.00 for purchase of the coupons
Less 8--$2.00 mfg. coupons doubled -$32.00
Paid $16.92 for 400 loads of laundry or 4.2 cents a load
I do 2 loads a day average for the four of us gives me 200 days of laundry.

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