Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kmart-- One Dollar for a $20 Toy Scenario

With Kmart Doubling I stocked up on Kimberly Clark and Unilever products and got several $14 off your next shopping order Catalina coupons.

Even without having double coupons, with all the high value Huggies coupons for $3.00 off you can still get the $14 shopping catalina.

I used two on the take 50% off the clearance price toys, but did not think to try using one of the $5/$20 off toy coupons. Two Kmart coupons do not work with each other. We can only use the $14 Catalina or the $5/$50 not both.

Last night I received another $14 Catalina and was buying a regular price toy using another $5/$20. Just for giggles I told the cashier I should try and see if it worked. It did. A $20 regular price toy for $1. The reason it worked I believe is that the $5/$20 is a manufacturers coupon not a Kmart coupon and so I could use it with the $14 shopping order coupon.

This would make it a good time to buy a newer regular price toy on someones Christmas list and get it for a very frugal price. I am posting both the scenario

Scenario: To get a $14 shopping order catalina
Buy 5 Huggies Diapers, Pullups etc. @ $9.99 = $49.95
Buy 1 Huggies Wipes 46 count $1.99
Total $51.94
Use Kmart $5/$50 coupon
Use 5--$3.00 off coupons -$15.00
Print $3 Pullups here *use more than one computer or ask Grandma to print some, Also the $3 Pure and Naturals work. or for those who have doubles you can use $1.50 coupons and will save even more doubling $2 coupons.
Use 1--$1.00 off Huggies bath and body coupon
Pay $30.94 for diaper stock up
Receive $14.00 off Shopping Order Catalina

Then Buy $20 worth of toys (next transaction)
*Use $5/$20 coupon
*Use the $14.00 off Shopping order catalina from buying Kimberly Clark and Unilever Products.
Pay $1.00

*Make sure the coupons are presented in that order for the deal to work.

Pay $31.94 + tax for 5 huggies diaper products, a wipe and a $20 toy!!! ($72.00 value)