Friday, July 10, 2009

Backpacks for Kids: Cyber Campaign. Buy a Backpack and Donate it to a Child in Need in Your Community. GOAL: 2000 Backpacks

I challenge fellow Frugal Bloggers to help Becca fill backpacks and join our Backpacks for Kids Cyber Campaign to Buy Backpacks for Children in Need across America.

Over the next two months, I challenge other Bloggers to join the campaign to fill a backpack with needed school supplies and donate it to one of the many Back To School Drives in almost every community across the United States. Becca's Goal to inspire you to match the 5,000 Backpacks our family and Backpacks for Kids has given away in the past 7 years. This mom burst her dream and told her that she needed to goal more manageable. So we compromised on 2000.

Becca has worked year round for these years scouring and hunting for the the Best Deals for Backpacks and School Supplies. We are again working in our own county for Back to School through our County Services making sure every child who is referred has the supplies they need to attend school. Our Garage will be turned again into Back To School Central.

Becca and I will be scouring the Ads and will post the Best School Supplies bargains weekly on Sunday. With all of us using our bargain hunting skills we can save money for our families sending our kids back to school and together will help children in need by fulfilling the needs of the school supplies campaigns across America. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting the deals, sharing our purchases and giving you a place to share your frugal back to school finds and most importantly give you ideas on how to get the backpacks to a child in need.

I begin with my pledge of 150 Backpacks already purchased. 1,850 to Go. Can You Help?

Add your pledge to Buy a backpack with supplies for a needy child and lets unite to reach a goal of 2000 backpacks to add to the 5000 Backpacks for Kids and our family has already raised in the last 7 years.

Sign on to the campaign and pledge to buy a backpack and school supplies by leaving a comment on the blog. I will get a formal sign up on the blog and we will watch the multiplying backpacks begin.

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