Saturday, February 6, 2010

Walmart--FREE IAMS Cat Food--They Paid Me


My coupons arrived and we hit Walmart. We found 1.8 lb. bags of Iam Pro Health Cat Food
for $4.57 a bag. We used the $5.00 mfg. coupon from P&G for some FREE "Gato Grub" as it is known at our house for the Orange...our furry orange cats Trouble (Pumpkin) and Josey.

Bought 17 Bags @ $4.57 =$77.69
A CD for Doc +$7.00
Total $84.69 = Tax
Less 17--$5.00 coupons = $85.00
Paid the Sales Tax

Josey and some of last years FREE dinner

Last year was the first time I ever ordered coupons and stocked up and fed the cats for FREE all year. We just filled the Cat food storage container last week and the coupons came just in time for another round of feeding the cats. We keep the unopened cat food in Rubbermaid totes purchased on double coupons at Kmart to keep the "Orange" from helping themselves to dinner.

If you can't find the $4.57 small bags, the larger 4 lb bags are $7.28 less $2.00 making them $2.28 a bag which still is a great deal. But nothing is better than FREE. I have 35 coupons but will have to order more seeing as the bags are much smaller this year we will be getting for FREE.

Doc is thrilled he got a new CD for us getting FREE Catfood.


Amy said...

What insert was the $5 coupon in?

Amy said...

What insert was the $5 coupon in? What date?

Annystribe said...

It was in the Sunday Supplement 01/31/2010 Red Plum. The Coupon Clippers has the coupons listed for $.15 each.