Saturday, February 20, 2010

Target--Clearance Shabby Chic Kids Finds (75% off)

I can't hit Target without Perimeter Perusing. I will never know what I will find.

I love Shabby Chic, but I can' jusify the price. (Thank you Kristy for getting me hooked).Finding it on clearance is something that never happens. I had been to Target the week before and these were not there. Someone else's return became my treasure.

Shabby Chic Kids Finds
Two window Panels @ $5.74 ($22.99) = $11.48 Savings $44.50/2
Twin Sheet Set 250 count 100% Cotton $7.48 ($29.99) Savings $22.51
Twin Duvet Set includes Duvet and Sham $17.48 ($69.99) Savings $52.51
Total Paid for Curtain, Duvet and Sham, and Sheet Set $37.44
Saved $119.52

Now I will have to repaint the little girls room (was intended for foster kids and small visitors) in our house to light pink which I had originally wanted. The pink ended up as Doc calls Pepto Bismol Pink which at this point upsets my stomach as it is too Bubble Gum for me. Now at least I have an excuse to change it :) I still have some Buy-One-Get-One Free paint that I can take in to be colored at Blains Farm and Fleet so it will not cost me anything at this point to change it.

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