Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two $5.00 Gift Cards When you Buy 2 Venus Embrace Razors and 3 Olay Bodywash Bonus Packs

I got 2--$5.00 Gift Cards on this deal.

I could not resist the challenge to see if this deal would work. When you buy 2 Venus Embrace Razors you will get a $5.00 Target Gift Card, and I had coupons on the razors and also had coupons for Buy a Venus Razor Get Free Olay Bodywash.

I saw a sign that you will get a $5.00 Gift Card when you buy 3 Olay Bonus Pack Bodywash.

Here is the transaction:

Buy 2 Venus Embrace Razors @ $6.99 = $13.98
Buy 3 Olay Body Wash Bonus Packs @ $5.50 = $16.50
Total $30.48
Use 2--Venus mfg. coupons @ $2.00 -$4.00
Use 2--Free Olay Body Wash coupon wyb Venus Razors -$11.00
Use--1--$2.00 Olay Body Wash Coupon
Pay $13.48 for 2 Razors and 3 Body Wash Bonus Packs
Received 2--$5.00 Target Gift Cards

If you have the $2.00 Target phone coupon on the razor x 2
You can save another $4.00.

*I did not have my coupon binder with, but I could have used a Olay Body Wash Coupon to save more.

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