Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twin Cities Trip--Herbergers Clearance Finds

Kasja 4T
Regularly $130.00
Clearance $29.00

In case my granddaughters visit up here in the Artic North from Texas next season , I picked up two Columbia Snow Suits at Herbergers 70% off the clearance price.

Mahala 2T
Regularly $130.00
Clearance $29.00

I do not want to pay a lot for a snowsuit that may not get much use. But to find Columbia sets for under $30 is an amazing deal I could not pass up. I even found the little matching Lavender hat for Mahala's set for $3.30!

I found Ralph Lauren jeans for $9.00 a pair instead of $45.00 each for little ones to grow into. He last week found himself styling being introduced to Ralph Lauren Jeans for a mere $19.99.

I love taking trips to Minneapolis in February and all the clearance finds I can score. But this year with paying off debt, buying Docs New Old Car which we were up there picking up, I was limited. Limited in time on a one day sprint of a trip and a funding limit which I obeyed, despite temptation.

I have learned to buy name-brand jackets and snow-wear. Columbia and Lands End have lifetime warranties and if something goes wrong such as a zipper breaks, all I do is mail it in. In a couple of weeks it is returned repaired or replaced! Buying Columbia on clearance lasts through multiple kids, doesn't date and fetches a nice price when I resell it after we are done with it or is a great donation to a coats for kids program.


Penny Pinching Parent said...

Wow, I'm jealous of this deal! We don't have Herbergers... drats! :o)

Annystribe said...

Herbergers, is part of the Carson Pirie Scott Chain. We shop Younkers closer to home and Bostons in Madison for these kind of deals.