Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Johnsons Baby Care Coupon Jackpot


Baby Coupon Prints...

Found these baby coupons when cruising this morning and figured I would post them for Kristy and Stacey for the wee ones!
From Baby Goodbuys..

Save $1 on Johnson’s Baby Lotion: IE or Firefox

Save $2 on 2 Johnson’s Newborn Skincare Essentials: IE or Firefox

This coupon is valid on Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Johnson’s Baby Lotion, or Desitin Diaper Rash products.

Save $2 on any TWO Johnson’s Bedtime Bath or Bedtime Lotion or other products within the Before-Bed product line: IE or Firefox

Save $3 off Any Johnsons Baby Gift Set Product. IE or Firefox

Target has some containers of Johnsons Baby Lotion and Baby Wash for $2.14 less the $1.00 off coupon= $1.14 for either. The first two coupons do not specify not valid on trial size so may be able to be used for FREE trial size products. But for me, $1.14 for bottle is a much better deal.
I also noticed that there were a couple of Johnson Baby products on the clearance end caps at a couple of Targets a week ago that these may be used for.

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