Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doc's New Old Car--A $950 Jeep Bargain!

Doc's 2000 Grand Am has over 200,000 miles and it is time for a new car. When thinking "Do we want a car payment?" We decided to wait and drive another beater while we save to pay cash for a newer car. Our Family Toyota Sequoia is fine for out of town travel and is paid for. We can pay off debt faster without a car payment!

The boys, Becca, Detamara and Stacey's sisters are into Jeeps.... Now Doc is a member of the Jeep Club. My Dad and Brothers had restored a Willy's WW2 Jeep.

We gave Nathan the job of finding a Jeep for Dad for under $1000!

Nathan says I now owe him as he was the first of over a dozen callers in a two hour period on a l997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $950 from Craigslist. The old saying "The Early Bird Catches the Worm". He had called within minutes of the listing on Craigslist. The dealer was kicking himself for not listing it for $1500. It needs new brakes and tie rods but Nate and Matt will do them tomorrow.

It needs a bath, and Matt has been volunteered to detail the inside before we head up to the Twin Cities to pick it up Saturday. Some people give Doc grief that he drives junk, he tells them just because I make money doesn't mean I have to spend it. It gets him where he has to go.

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