Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walgreens Mylanta Find--Moneymaker

I had time to browse and came across this Walgreens Mylanta Deal. Not all stores will have Mylanta on CLEARANCE but some will.

Moneymaker #1
Mylanta Regular Strength--Mint Flavor (12 oz) $1.29 use the 1.00 off any Rolaid, Mylanta, Lactaid Coupon from a couple of weeks ago.

If your store has on clearance higher use the $1.50 off mfg. coupon for Mylanta or the $2.00 off internet printable.
Use the Mylanta Easy Saver Coupon on page 21 for $2.00 off.
Paying $.29 Out of Pocket
$1.71 Moneymaker

Mylanta Ultimate Strength (12 oz)--Mint Flavor $1.79 use the $1.50 mfg. coupon off Mylanta
Then Use the Mylanta Easy Saver Coupon for $2.00 off.
Paying $.29 Out of Pocket
$1.71 Moneymaker

*make sure your Mylanta coupon is for less than the cost of the item or the computer will beep and not take it. I would find my $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 to match up to the clearance Mylanta.

Mylanta at Regular Price less $2.00 mfg. coupon and $2.00 Easysaver is still a good deal and well below l/2 price.

When using a coupon with a Easy Saver Coupon make sure that all your manufacturers coupons are put in by the cashier BEFORE using the Walgreens coupons or the Easy Saver Coupons to get the deals to work.

Moneymaker #2 for me this week 3-1:

Pepto Bismol Chewables (Watermelon) Clearance 3 @ $1.29
Use $1.00 Coupons
Pay $.87/3
Receive $8.00 RR

Moneymaker #3
Sambucol Cold and Flu Relief $10.99 or $12.99 depending on your stores prices
Less Internet Coupon $4.00
Use $10.00 Easy Saver Coupon (page 26)
Moneymaker $3.01 or $1.01


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