Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leapfrog Celebrates National Reading Month

Leapfrog is Celebrating National Reading Month by empowering Parents to read with their children. By reading with our kids, we help them garner a love of love of books and lifelong learning.

Join the others in taking the 1 Million Hours Reading Pledge.

Go to Leapfrog and pledge to read a few minutes each day with your child and in reward Leapfrog will give you special rewards, coupon savings and more.

I joined with my daughter Becca with special needs to help her continue to strengthen her reading skills. I remember my tiny fragile daughters first sign was "more books" as the nurses and I filled her days with reading through all the pain. She still wants to read with me and I cherish our time spent reading together. I get to read with Becca and get coupons for Leapfrog TAG products.

Check out this link and save even more on Leapfrog product coupons.

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