Monday, March 30, 2009

Becca's Movie Tuesday Deal-Marley and Me

Get Ready for Marley and Me and Check out the Movie Trailer. Out tomorrow 3/31 and make sure that you have a box of Kleenex handy for this movie.

The best price for Marley and Me is at Walmart this week $16.89 for the DVD, $22.89 for the Two DVD HD Set. Target has them for a dime more, $16.99 and $22.99.

Marley and Me $16.89
Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner $4.09
(or do the mail in if you don't have the instant coupon)
Total $21.99
Use $3.00 mfg. coupon (found in Selected Dog DVD's found at Kmart.
Use Free Spot Shot Peelie when you buy Marley and Me
Pay $13.89

To get your Rebates: yes, 2 Rebates.
1. Pick up Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner and get the price of the Spot Shot Back
2. Buy a Box of Kelloggs Corn Flakes (the ones with the Marley and Me Rebate on it)
and Marley and Me and get $3.00 back.
**Make sure you ask the cashier for a duplicate receipt to be able to do both.

If you can score a Marley and Me Peelie on the top of the Lid of Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner, use the coupon on it when you buy Marley and Me and Spot Shot and get the carpet Cleaner Free.
(This will save you having to mail it in and wait for the refund). I found the Marley and Me Peelies on the Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner at K-Mart. Walmart did not have the peelies on them, so I will use them at Walmart.

Kmart has the All Dogs Go To Heaven DVD that has the Marley Coupon in it and use the $3.00 off coupon from Smart Source, for two cheap Dog DVD's.

Information for the Spot Shot Rebate or Instant Coupon.
Buy Marley & Me on DVD or Blu-ray and Get a Free Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner

There are two ways to participate in this offer.

  1. Look for an instant redeemable coupon that can be found on
    specially marked packages of Spot Shot, and receive instant savings when you purchase the Marley & Me DVD or Blu-ray, available March 31st.

  2. Complete the online form (available 3/31/09) to receive a rebate by mail. (up to $5.49). You will be issued a check by mail for the purchase price of Spot Shot. A proof of purchase for both Spot Shot and the Marley & Me DVD or Blu-ray is required.
(I am glad to get carpet cleaner for free for Morgan's accidents, Yorkies, Morkies and toy teacup puppies are stubbornly hard to housebreak.)

Enter the Marley and Me Sweepstakes and try to win a Grand Prize Family Trip to Hollywood.

I found this good deal for my own Stuffed Marley which came last week.

Limited Edition Marley Plush from her favorite movie $14.99 (regularly $24.95) at the fox store.

Check back next week for Double Movie Deals: The Tales of Desperaux, and Bedtime Stories.

I hope you enjoy the movie,


Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info. We might brave this movie again. We did not know the story line and had just lost our puppy when we saw the movie.

Cortney said...

Not sure if this is the place to leave this comment but I was wondering if you could share how you keep your relationship strong between you and your husband durring all of your struggles. I have your book ordered from the library and maybe it says in there. Just wondering if you had any key tips.

Annystribe said...

I thank you for the question. I will work on posting those tips in these trying times. I will work on it for next week. Thanks for the idea, and for writing in.

Stacey said...

Ann - I tagged you in a post.