Monday, March 23, 2009

Free--Kids Audible Book Downloads

This morning on Fox & Friends, is offering 3 FREE audio book downloads for kids. “Gordon” from Sesame Street is helping promote these. Thank you to Faithful Provision for alerting me to this awesome deal.

Ricky and Mobo by Roscoe Orman,Clementine by Penny Pennypacker, and Yes We Can, A Biography of Barack Obama, by Garen Thomas are the three free downloadable books.

I am a avid book person, Author and Becca's mom I had to post this deal.

I wish they had technology like this when she was younger I would have been able to save hundreds of dollars on Books on Tape while teaching my daughter. Becca learns by sight reading because of her dyslexia and other learning disabilities and we have purchased dozens of books each year for her to listen to them while following along. I love that all the technology has allowed us to learn and now with downloads of audiobooks and the new Kindle Book Reader she can be accommodated and excel.


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