Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grocery Shopping at the Gas Station

I am one of those who memorizes prices and buys it at the lowest price. With returning to a budget and using my stockpile I seldom grocery shop regularly except for milk, bread (for the Non-Glutamaniacs at our house), and produce. I have found those staples are actually cheapest for me at the GAS STATION.

Other than when it is one sale, my cheapest Milk, bread, banana prices are at our local Kwik Trip Gas Station. When we fill Jim's car, we pick up our milk, bread, and bananas for the week. We will stop another time tp pick up our little county newspaper and another bunch of bananas. I always pay $.39 a pound for bananas cheaper than any store and always pay a frugal price.

I buy my milk in PLASTIC BAGS by the half gallon and every bag of milk, orange juice, etc. gets a punch on my punch card, and a full card of 20 gets me $1.00 off. My kids were shocked by the milk in plastic bags and I bought 1 gallon Rubbermaid pitchers to be able to pour the milk easier and humor my children.

I watch their monthly ads and this month large eggs are 99 cents a dozen and bagged orange juice $.99 after coupon. I save my MOO points to benefit our local schools.

My splurge, I reward myself by refilling my reusable Soda glass instead of picking up a bottle of Diet Pepsi, saving myself money and being Green.

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