Friday, March 27, 2009

My Kmart Double Finds--This weeks deals

$80.00 after coupons.

Total Savings $318.00
(not incl. clearance savings, or rebate savings)

Get back 2--$25.00 Gift Cards.
To be used for Kmart Doubles.

Total After Rebates


After a busy week and a sick teen, I finally found time to put away my Kmart Double Finds from Sunday. Yes, Sunday, I am behind and definitely running out of shelf space in our storage room.

I spent a little more than $80.00 and with Becca and I each taking two runs through the checkouts with our 25 items each, we managed to find all this.

This trip I used 4--$5.00 off of $50.00 coupon on each transaction, bought the required numbers of General Mills and Renuzit/Soft Scrub/Purex items to get 2--$5.00 and 2--$3.00 Catalina coupons which Becca and I each used two on our second transactions to save even more.

Add my other Kmart Receipt, we have enough to qualify for 2-$25.00 gift cards from Glamour Magazine for spending $50.00 at Kmart for each $25.00 card. Taking into consideration my gift card rebates my Kmart Doubles cost me a mere $30.00.

We live in rural Wisconsin and I may have to drive 35 miles to get my doubles, but as you can see it was well worth it. I budget $100.00 a month for doubles to stock our home, my kids homes and apartments, help my friends and the extras for charity.

What will $80.00 buy?

1 Little Pet Shop Easter Basket, 1--All Dogs Go to Heaven DVD (for my daughter and the $3.00 Coupon for Marley and Me), 5 Purex Laundry Detergent, 3 Ziploc Twist and Locs ($1 peelies on the ziplocs), 4 Ziploc Squares, 2 Ziploc rounds, 2--250 ct. Dixie Napkins, 2 Meaty Bones Dog Treats, 4 Fiber One Bars, 8 Kotex liners, 8 Double Pack Oral B Toothbrushes (shelters), 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaners, 2 Glade Fabric and Air Pet Cleaner, 2 Chinet Cut Crystal Tumblers, 3 Natures Source Windex, 4 Natures Source Bathroom Cleaner, 3 Large Lysol Spray, 1 Wet Wipes Tubs, 1 Wet Wipes Singles, 2 Dixie Bathroom Cups, 2 Large Size Oil of Olay Bodywash, 2 Cocoa Puffs, 2 Total, 1 Cheerios, 1 Fiber One Cereal, 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 2 Golden Grahams, 8 Dial Handsoaps, 1 Dentex Flosspicks, 8 Gillette Body Wash, 4 Renuzit Anti-Allergen Spray, 3 Sure Deodorants, 2 Secret Deodorants, 2 Soft Scrub Cleansers, 4 Fantastick Cleaners, 5 Wrigley Gum, 4 Glade Carpet Deodorizers, 2 Loreal Kids Shampoos, 3 Boxes of Band-aids, 4 Johnsons Baby Products, 2 Johnsons No More Tangles, 2 Huggies Bath Buddies, 5 Goodlife Cat Food and more. (Does not include the breakdown of the three more bags I found in the car today the girls did not bring in).

I came home just under $20.00 under budget, plus am looking forward to the TWO $25.00 gift cards to use on another Kmart Double Event.

Postcript: I forgot three more bags in the car of items for even more savings.

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Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

Great Job! Our Kmart never seems to participate in these.