Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walgreens 3/12 Run Clearance Jackpot

I received a phone call from my friend Melissa who works at Walgreens and she informed me they had great markdowns today. With my 3--$10.00 Rapid Rewards I was ready to see what I could get. I was not disappointed.

Kids Crafts and Crayola--many are now 75% off
Crayola Explosions are down to $2.39 less the coloring book coupon to $1.39
Crayola Floor Coloring Pads $1.39 or $1.69
64 Pack Markers $3.24
64 Pack Coloring Pencils $3.24
Elmers Finger Paint $1.09
Construction Paper $.75
Manuscript Paper $.50
BLO Pens Set $2.59
Tootsie Roll Markers/Stampers $.75
Crayola Pipsqueek Markers $.75
Dab Paint $1.29
Elmers Go Paint $2.59

Finding Craft and Crayola at 75% off is amazing, and using Rapid Rewards made it all nearly FREE. I will be stocking up my Personalized Birthday Craft Boxes for the little people in my life with these deals.

Paper Products
Dixie Stoneware Paper Plates $.95
Dixie Bathroom Cups and Dispenser $1.38
Vanity Fair Napkins $.75 less coupon $.25
Walgreens 50 count plastic cups $.75
Plastic soup spoons $.25

Conair Round Brushes $2.00
Fleece Lined Generic Crocs ($12.99) Adult $3.25 Kids $2.50
(Black, Pink, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Olive Green)

Tooth Care
Crest Pro Health $1.09 less $.50 coupon
Crest Healthy Radiance $2.79 less $1.00 coupon

Frozen Foods
Tombstone Pizza $1.29
Jacks Supreme Pizza $1.09
Deerfield Pizza Bites $.25
Deerfield 6 count Corn Dogs $.50

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