Monday, March 9, 2009

Walgreens--Diaper Deals

Walgreens Diaper Double Deal

While you are out using your $5.00 or $3.00 Huggies Coupons remember to grab your Walgreens Coloring Book Coupons and Save another $1.00 per pack.

I had no trouble at one store getting the coupon to scan but the other store we had to price adjust the coupon and I added another $6.00 wet wipes to make sure that my total went over $25.00 get get my $10.00 Rapid Reward Coupon.

Transaction #1
3 Huggies Gentle Care @ $10.00 each
Used 3--$5.00 mfg. Coupons
Used Walgreens Coloring Book Coupon -$3.00
Paid $12.00
Used $10.00 Rapid Reward from Dove Products last week
Paid $2.00/3 Diapers

Transaction #2
2 Huggies Natural Fit @$10.00
2 Huggies Natural Care Wipes @ $6.00
Total $32.00
Used 4--$3.00 coupons
Used Walgreens Coloring Book Coupon -$2.00
Total $18.00
Used 2--$8.00 Rapid Rewards from my AcneFree Purchases
Paid $2.00 plus tax for 2 Diapers and 2 Wipes

I have repeated both transactions to get this pile of Huggies Products:
These will make great shower and baby presents.

9 Diapers, 4 Wipes 232 Count Refills for $8.00 plus tax and Received $40.00 in Rapid Rewards.
Submit to Caregivers Market Place
9 Diapers @ $.75 = $7.05 Refund

Total Out of Pocket $.95

I am showering one of my favorite College Student Walgreens Cashiers who became a Dad on Friday with some of the Huggies. He has been remarking that he needs to become coupon savy now that he is a dad, and has been watching and learning when I shop. I will begin by giving him some of the Huggies and 4 Walgreens Diapers I bought last week for $2.50 a pack and using the $10.00 Johnson and Johnson Baby Products Rapid Rewards and the J & J Baby Products $25.00 Deal which I got for Free Using the Rapid Rewards from Blink and of course, an envelope of baby coupons.

Then you can submit your receipt to The Caregiver Marketplace to earn 75 cents back on each diaper pack.



Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

My baby is in a size larger then the ones in this deal, I just bought the small sale size and used them as a liner in her size diaper.

Annystribe said...

I you can use the $3.00 coupons on the larger sizes.
I did this deal for another idea..
2 size 5's @10.00 and one wipes =
$26.00 less 3--$3.00 coupons = $17.00. After figuring the $10.00 RR it is $7.00 for 2 packs of diapers and a wipe refill

I love your idea of using the smaller ones as a liner especially overnight.