Sunday, January 4, 2009

1/4 Walgreens Run

Happy New Year and this is the start to me actually keeping a strict budget and my resolution to get back writing.

This morning was the day to restock my coupon file as most of them expired with the end of the year. Today there were five (5) inserts in my papers. I woke Doc to have him drive me to the gas station as we were plagued by an ice storm last night. I neglected to bring my camera and probably could have had an award winning "Funniest Pet Videos" winner. Bailey (our 20 lb dog) couldn't stand on his feet, and Tiny Morgan our 3.5 pound "Morkie" was blown away by the wind and slid along on the ice down our hilly SW Wisconsin driveway. Jim had to slide out to go retrieve the puppy. We took our Sequoia out and it slid sideways down the driveway and it finally ended up doing "cookies" in the turnaround before it stopped. What I will do to get my Sunday Newspapers!

The highway was salted and we landed at Walgreens... and it was well worth the l4 mile trek.

Walgreens Deals 1/4
6--Garnier Fructis Hair Oil (clearance) 1.67 - 2.00 ESC FREE
3--Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream 3.00 - 3.00 coupon FREE
6--Garnier Fructis Shampoo 2.99 - l.00 coupon, 2.00 ESC FREE
6--Garnier Fructis Condition 2.99 - l.00 coupon, 2.00 ESC FREE
8--Quaker Oats Oatmeal Packages 1.99 with WC, less 1.00 coupon .99 ea
5--Electrosol Gel Tabs 3.49 - 2.50 coupon .99 ea ( l4 weeks of daily dishwasher runs)

My adopted daughter Detamara LOVES OATMEAL and she will eat it for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner if we let her. I restocked my Gel Tab Jumbo Container and I have never found dishwasher tabs this inexpensive.

Then I discovered that the paper was loaded with Blood Glucose Monitors I had a brainstorm. Check out Walgreens to see if they are reduced and donate them to the Boscobel Free Clinic for doctors to hand out to the area residents without insurance who need one. My husband volunteers at the clinic and he thought it was a great idea.

I picked up
4--Freestyle Freedom Lite (60.00) 9.99 less 9.99 coupon FREE
2--One Touch Ultra Mini (74.99) 14.99 less 20.00 coupon FREE

My total from five receipts (the ESC will only allow 5 discounts on one coupon)
I was limited to 4 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal per coupon

$8.70 + .30 + .30 + 1.76 + 4.90 = $16.96 for all this including tax

an unbelievable........... $460.95

I will drop off much of it at the food shelf and can't wait to drop off the Glucose Monitors at the Free Clinic. I CHALLENGE other COUPONERS to pick up the monitors and drop them off at your local FREE CLINIC or SENIOR CENTER to get them to those in need.

I am having fun saving money and helping others at the same time... In this tough economy using our frugalness for charity will help them as many are struggling.

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