Monday, December 29, 2008

Grandma's Girl

I had not gotten to see my granddaughter Kasja since she was three weeks old. The internet and following Kristy's blog has been my lifeline to keep up with Kasja's adventures, much less seeing her in all our bargain finds.

But there is no substitution for seeing her in real life. I got the privelage of driving up to the Twin Cities and meeting up with Kristy, Chris and baby Kasja as they had a work trip up from Texas to 3M. Kasja and I hug out with Aunties Becca and Detamara while Mom and Dad were at work and Grandpa caught up on his reading.

The family got together for several outings... a trip to Rochester to meet Great-Grandpa and Great-Granny Yurcek, brunch with the Eke extended family, a Gluten-free Pizza Outing, Gluten-Free Pancake Lunch with Uncle Nate, The Hollidazzle Parade and Downtown Minneapolis Macy's Holiday Auditorium Adventure. Living for a week in the Hilton with no housework and playing with Kasja was a dream Holiday, and of course big city bargain shopping.


Kristy said...

Not to mention... how great it was for us to be ablt to bring Kasja and have someone to take care of her while we both went to work while out of town - THANK YOU!

Jodee Kulp said...

So glad you got Grandma time. May this New Year be joyful for you.