Friday, January 9, 2009

Helping Others with Coupons

I posted the other day about the coupons for the free Blood Glucose Monitors. With hitting all 3 Walgreens I was able to get 18 Monitors to donate to the Boscobel Free Clinic for those in need.

I am Challenging other Die-Hard Couponers to do the same with the deal I am sharing...

1/4 there was coupons for One Touch Ultra Minis for $20.00 off. Walgreens has them for $14.99.

The other is a coupon for $9.99 for the FreeStyle Freedom Lite. Walgreens has them for $9.99.

Both end up being FREE. Many of us Coupon Clippers ended up buying extra papers this week due to the 5 sections of coupons can use our talents to help others.

Pick up the Monitors and Donate them to your local Free Clinic, Senior Center, or Non Profit that serves the poor. It feels so amazing to help others, and use my bargain hunting skills to make a difference.

**The One Touch Ultra Mini coupon will only work up to $14.99, it will not work as a money maker.