Friday, January 16, 2009

Aeropostale-Coupon 1/16-1/20 $10 of $40

Aeropostale $10.00 off $40.00 Coupon
The Coupon is good from January 16 thru January 20 IN STORE ONLY

is my mainstay for Becca and Detamara's high school affordable clothing. Their 00 Short Jeans fit Miss Becca better than anything. With her tiny frame and her 4 foot 7 inch stature she can finally look age appropriate and get out of the Girls department at 19. Most of their wardrobe is Aeropostale clearance merchandise. It fits my slender girls better than any brand and I am happy that they are well-dressed at frugal prices.

I was into the store last week on Becca and my trip to Dubuque to get her out of the house, after being bedridden with a sinus and lung infection. We discovered that most of the store was 70% off or more. We got three completely stuffed shopping bags for $250.00 and saved $1250.00.That was my whole clearance budget for the two of them but well worth it.

My favorite find was the fleece lined zip up the front hoodies originally $99.00 for a mere $14.99. I bought both girls two each and found bright blue ones in their schools colors. Becca found the cutest white with aqua plaid winter jacket for $19.99 and we found matching hat and scarf for $3.99 each, the jeans were $14.99 originally 49.99, plain camisoles $3.99 and for my daughters with their special sensory needs they wear one everyday to hold them together.

With being cooped up in the house this week with the girls out of school due to the bitter cold, the girls and I will head to Aeropostale with coupons in hand. Using the $10 off of $40 coupon I should be able to get about $250.00 worth of merchandise. The girls had seen a few things we passed on as I had spent my limit already. But with these coupons they will be spoiled. When we get back home I will post our savings.

Postscript: I spent $107.73 after using 3--$10.00 off coupons
Total Savings $737.27


Stacey said...

Oh good, I was worried those two didn't have anything to wear. Ok I shouldn't talk I have been taking advantage of all of the deals out there too. It is especially nice when you find something that fits them so well.

Shirley said...

Thanks for linking.!! Aeropostale clothing really serves one of the largest markets in the clothing world.