Sunday, January 18, 2009

KMart Doubles

KMart 1/18 Double Deals

Back from my KMart Shopping and look what $10.00 can buy!

5 Boxes of Kelloggs cereal at $.24 each, 4 Boxes of Special K at $.50 each, 3 Daisy Sour Cream @ $.39 each, 3 FREE Endust, Kelloggs Cereal Straws $.24, 2 Suave Exhale Calming Lotion $.50, Free Colgate Total Advance Whitening with free travel size FREE, Pampers Wipes $.99, Two Holiday Guest Towels @$.50 for making Baby Bibs, Hormel Complete Meal FREE, Huggies Calming Bath Wash $1.33, KY $.29 each, Goodlife 4 lb. Cat Food FREE. Total Savings $73.00
and 1 hours time planning and shopping.

We didn't need more cereal, but for this price I will donate some when I pick it for so little. The two cats are now fed FREE, I got 9 bags of cat food FREE last week, and one of my friends in my coupon club picked up another one for me as she doesn't have a cat. Josie and Pumpkin got into one and we put it all into my half price Rubbermaid bin before they got even fatter. My next challenge to find cat litter for FREE.

I walked in with just a tiny white envelope of coupons as the KMart employees sneer at the couponers. I was mistaken for a lady couponer who has a reputation just because I carried my newly organized binder last time. We must all look alike.

I have only done the KMart doubles there twice and each time followed the limits and limited my trip to once a week. Last week heading to the "big city KMart" I was surprised how friendly the KMart management and cashiers were. I was thinking of boycotting our store, but for doubles I will go anyway. I will go again this week just because they were so rude (but of course without my binder). I don't need to bring myself any more trouble than I need to. I didn't even have Becca or Doc go through the line with their 25 coupons so I have to go back.

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