Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emailing Companies for Coupons and Raising Gluten-free Awarness

I joined the 5 A Day at Couponing to Disney

Couponing to Disney has a 5 a day to email companies and get coupons for products. I joined her campaign and today began emailing her 5 a day list. She posts 5 companies each day Monday through Friday on her blog making it easy. While Emailing Progresso I thanked the company for their commitment to offering some of their soups Gluten-free.

I realized that this was not just an opportunity to get coupons, but to raise awareness on
eating Gluten-free. I emailed Jennie-O and received an email with a PDF of all Hormel Foods Gluten-free Products!

Hormel Foods Gluten-free List for Hormel Products, Jennie-O , Chi Chi, Lloyds,, Spam Products, Dinty Moore, Valley Fresh Chunk Meats, La Victoria. Going through the list I happily discovered several shelf stable products that now have gone Gluten-free including Dinty Moore Beef and Chicken Stew.

As I find lists of Gluten-free Resources I will keep them updated on my blog .

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