Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Major Project Done

Detamara asks "Why do I belly flop?" I snapped this picture to explain to my visual learner. Her response... I look like I am flying! Mom's response, "You need to keep your legs together and not fly or you splat!".

We are enjoying our hot summer and the pool is perfect for Becca at 85 degrees without a heater. Much better than last summer as we barely swam as it was way too cold.

I wish I had taken a picture of the pool before we replaced the 12 year-old liner. But this one will have to do. We knew we needed to when we bought the house, but it lasted an 2 years. Before........

After.... and $4600.00 later. Doing some of the work ourselves we saved over $1500.00 on installation by pumping out and removing the liner ourselves.

I spent Saturday using my new favorite household gadget, a Pressure Washer. I washed the old concrete and cleaned up the deck to spruce up the pool area to match the new liner and it is amazing how good it all looks.

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