Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Backpacks Again

Backpacks for Kids 2010 Goal: 200

This year with being gone so much, I hadn't planned on doing the backpack project, but God had other ideas. So for the 9th year, the Yurceks are back raising money, shopping for school supply bargains and engaging the community to send children in need back to school with a new backpack filled with school supplies.

I managed to find Papermate Mechanical Pencils 5 ct. 2 for $.39 at Walgreens and picked up my 6 pencil sharpeners for $.29 each. Kmart has Bic Pens for $.50, and these are good quality pens.

As always we get the questions why so many? We explain and then there is never a problem picking up a quantity of 50 or 30 at a trip. The cashiers now are beginning to remember us, and the phone is ringing. The hospital is once again on board, along with the Platteville Jaycees :)

This year we will be going business to business asking them to sponsor a child for $20 which it
costs for a backpack and supplies.

The need is great everywhere, there are backpack programs across the country. Also the schools funds are often tight, it costs very little to drop off extra pencils, crayons, glue or paper to your child's teacher and they appreciate the help keeping the classroom stocked.

Teaching our kids to care, is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Create a family project to shop for a child and drop it off in time for school.

It need not cost much, use your bargain hunting skills to make a difference in the life of a needy child.

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