Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Fun-- Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from our family to yours.

Kristy and Mahala

I decided to post a few summer family fun pictures of our recent trip to Texas to care for the grands. This weekend we will be catching up with them again and we can't wait.

Auntie Detamara sliding with Miss Kasja

Miss Kasja and her favorite thing to do "WEE". She can spot a park blocks away.

Becca sliding with Miss Kasja at Terra Burger in Austin. Gluten-free hamburgers and fries and a WEE. Everyone was thrilled and the little girls were tired out and the big ones from playing with the wee ones.

Have a safe and blessed weekend with your family...

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Linda B said...

I may have missed your email link, but couldn't see it so this is the only way I can tell you thank you for your comment on my blog I always tried to shield the uglies from the younger kids so they wouldn't worry and be scared-Bug is like that. But hearing how you handle it all out in the open sounds like a good idea to me.Perhaps even will lessen Bug's anxiety over not knowing what is going on...I know she is picking up more than I think. Her first response after I have hung up from talking to DQ is "What's wrong, what did she do?" Thanks for sharing what worked for you!