Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy 8-- Kids Jeans $6.99

Children's Jeans $6.99

The kids are out of school and we are all into summer. But this is the best time to start our Back to School shopping.

Crazy 8 has many jeans for $6.99 a pair and earn Crazy bucks for later shopping.

I was surprised by the many styles and washes available in Toddler to Children's sizes. Picking up jeans for this price is absolutely AMAZING!

I managed to stock up on jeans and getting 14 pairs of jeans (3-Size 3T, 4-Size 4, 3-Size 5, 4-Size 6) for $95.00 plus shipping and tax and earning $40.00 in Crazy Cash for fall shopping and future needs as jeans never date.

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