Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walmart Find: Child of Mine--1 Piece Sunsuits and Rompers $1

Baby Clearance--Child of Mine Girl and Boy Sunsuits, One Piece Sundresses, Rompers and Two Piece Short Sets $1 (originally $5.82)

*Note not all Walmarts mark down at the same time.

I had to run to Walmart (l8 miles) to return our redbox DVD's and ran into see if they restocked more Pull-up wipes. I discovered the clearance baby clothes were marked down even more.

The racks were full of 1 piece sleeveless sundress one piece Child of Mine(Carters for Walmart) Onsies for a mere $1. Regularly $5.82 which is a deal compared to $12 at Carters. The little boy sleeveless and short sleeve rompers and two piece short sleeve shorts sets were also a $1.

I stocked up for Kristy for Mahala (summer clothes are almost year round for her in Texas)
and a couple of matching ones in a 24 months for Kasja. I also bought more for shower gifts and to put away for the next one of my kids to become parents.

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