Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Miracle--

Thank you God for a Miracle

July 22, Kristy and her Husband Chris became parents of their second daughter Mahala. I posted that she had arrived, but there was a much bigger story. I had to give Kristy time to reflect on the miracle that spared my oldest daughter and my granddaughter.
When they went to do her c-section, the doctors were shocked to find Mahala not cozy inside of the womb, gut in Kristy's abdominal cavity. She was right next to Kristy's stomach and intestines. Chris calls me and informs me on the discovery.

Remember at the end of May I had to fly out stat for Texas to help Kristy? She had hurt her ribs when she felt something tear and was unable to barely breathe, much less lift my busy then l4 month old granddaughter Kasja. Her husband Chris was heading to Singapore for two weeks and I needed to help with Kasja as Kristy knew she couldn't lift her. Thank God I jumped on a flight on 48 hours notice, we now know that she probably didn't tear her rib cartiledge, but she tore open her uterus and my granddaughter popped out delivering her into the abdomin. Uterine rupture and it is deadly and it was like that for maybe a month or more.

Talking with Chris and then calling Doc (my husband) who gets confirmation from his collegues that we were blessed with a miracle...two miracles. With talking with my Mom and sister (family physician) she tells me it is unheard of that all went well. The doctors can't find another case of this outcome, the baby completely out and the amniotic sac not rupturing, the mom not bleeding to death or the baby becoming hypoxic and dying. It is hard being up north in Wisconsin and having Kristy and Chris in Texas, I want to hug all of them.

Kristy finally has posted on her blog to story of her delivery along with Mahala's arrival story and pictures.

I apologize for neglecting my blog for a crisis hiatus, but between Kristy's delivery and supporting my best friend Lisa who is managing her 5 year old twins (one with severe Cerebral Palsy) while trying to care for her Mom who is on hospice dying from Cancer and my other friend whose son is struggling with transition to adulthood with his special needs I have been on the phone not searching for deals or being on line. A week ago Friday we had severe hail which blasted our county, our house and our rental house (which I bought for my friend who has 5 adopted kids when they were facing homelessness) roofs were damaged. Blessing, our cars are fine, my insurance will probably save me money getting us two new roofs for the cost of our deductibles.


Mary said...

Thanks God all your precious family are well. I love your blog(and your story) and wondered where you had been. So happy all is well and congratulations!

candace said...

Wow! You have me in tears my glad that everyone is o.k. what a miracle! Congratulations on baby Mahala!

Arin said...

Truly a Miracle-how blessed you must feel-to anyone who doesn't believe there is a God-this should be enough to prove otherwise. So happy for you and your family.