Friday, August 21, 2009

Kristy is Home

After the Storm God Showed me the Rainbow.
Actually a double rainbow, but my little pocket camera could not capture it. It was the largest and brightest rainbow I have ever seen. Thank you God for caring me through the storms and your promise of the rainbow at storms end.

Kristy is out of the hospital and home with her husband and two little girls. We could not head out, but her friends in Texas and their friends from Minnesota came to their aide and we thank them for helping with the girls and running the house. The infectious disease doctor came and confirmed Jim's diagnosis, Septic Shock caused from the absesses. Kristy once again had to come to terms with her near death experience and the Miracles of God's Healing. Prayers from across the country were answered.

Thank you everyone for understanding my absence and neglect of my blog. Bargain hunting and posting doesn't become a priority when a Mom is in the midst of crisis with family on more than one front. Long story.

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Jenny B. said...

So happy to hear this wonderful news!