Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Dessert Mixes

I found the Betty Crocker Cake Mixes in early July and Becca has been busy making herself Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are really good and easy to make. I first found them at Hy-Vee $4.09 and the best price is at our small town Piggly Wiggly at $3.89.

For those who don't know, I have Celiac Disease, so do both my parents, all but one sibling, my six biological children now all have inherited my genes. Kristy and Ian just joined the ranks of following a Gluten-free diet this year.

Get a FREE Gluten-Free Mix by calling General Mills at 1-800-446-1898 and choose option 4 to speak with a representative. Tell them you are calling regarding the gluten-free coupon. They will ask for your name, address and 2 simple questions. It's that easy, just remember to call during normal business hours.

I can't wait to see if there will be on-line coupons or Sunday coupons this fall. After 28 years of Gluten-Free living, I can't believe I can once again make a Betty Crocker Cake or Cookie Mix :)


RGoins said...

I saw this advertised in my local Pick 'n Save ad for $3.79 a box - not a huge savings from your stores but just an FYI.

Annystribe said...

I just found a great deal, my daughter-in-law Stacey lives in the Minneapolis area and a grocery store called Coburns Delivers has the BC Gluten-Free mixes for 2/$5.

I had her order for me and we will be picking up 12 cookies, 4 brownies and 2 each of the cake mixes. I will be stocking up when in Minnesota.
$3.89 - $2.50= $1.39 savings on each box.

When I use something I buy in quantity to save money. 20 x $1.39= $27.80 savings on 20.