Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Becca

Today was Becca's 20th Birthday. Today has been a day of reflection and celebration and prayers of gratitude for my miracle daughter. I would have never have dreamed she would still be here and even greater how far she has come. I remember a time when I couldn't have thought about anything but today with her, much less 20 years.

Happy Birthday Becca. Thank you for changing our lives.

For those who do not know Becca, Becca as born with a severe form of Noonan Syndrome and was never expected to live to her first birthday. She is our miracle child who is my inspiration and my teacher who taught me the gift of today. Read her story Tiny Titan, Journey of Hope.

PS: Becca finished drivers training with an amazing 116% A++. Becca has dyslexia, dysgraphia and profound learning disabilities and she proved to the schools that they were really giving her "dumbed down work" instead of giving her technology to prove what she CAN DO.

She takes her permit test on Friday. The picture is her behind the wheel of our Toyota Sequoia.
A mighty big SUV for a tiny young lady.

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