Sunday, August 2, 2009

Becca and Detamaras Money Saving 4 H Project Day 1 Continued

The instruction book the most important part. 4 pages of wood cuts to make.

We began on the pallet of 138 pieces of sale priced green treated lumber. The girls decided we were saving money and will stain it cedar instead of paying the extra for the cedar. Saving $750 on the project.

Detamara and I had to sort out the two pallet of parts of the playground.

Becca with her autism was cutting lumber using the mighty loud miter saw with her noise blocking headphones, I am amazed that she wanted to try. Jim and Becca cutting wood. We ALL got many chances in practicing the skill with 288 cuts to make today.

Detamara and I reading the instructions.

Becca and Detamara measuring and working on their project. This project has been great to practice measuring, figuring, planning and using their math skills hands on.

Detamara admiring their work, 138 pieces of wood cut, 258 pieces labeled and neatly stacked by size, and she announced it looks like one big jigsaw puzzle.

Detamara found a new job she can do, exterminator. She is petrified of bees, wasps and hornets. We solved the problem when one came near she shot it. Hopefully we empowered her to face her fears.

Now it is time to relax with Morgan, her service dog. Becca did as much as she possibly could including carrying lumber pieces bigger than her.

A job well done.

Mom's Thoughts: So many people judge kids with disabilities because of what they cannot do. With my kids it is about proving what they can do.

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Short On Cents said...

That is wonderful I am soooo very proud of their accomplishments-they are wonderful girls and u are so blessed to have them as your children.