Sunday, August 2, 2009

Becca and Detamaras Money Saving 4 H Project

Day 1
It's Saturday and a Great Day to Begin.

Our girls decided that they were going to build something for their 4H project and they wanted to build a swingset. After pricing "ready made sets" they decided that they could save us money by building one themselves. We are recruited as the teachers. Becca has decided that this project will serve two purposes, one of her 4 H projects and she wants to get credit for Homebound Shop Class. We will have to see if the school district will be as flexible as in Michigan on that one.They Chose the Biggest Playstar Kit and of course the Gold Model. Nothing but the best and hardest and the most impossible for Becca.

Jim and the girls marking out their 41 x 33.5 rectangle and trying to find some flat land on our slopping 1 1/2 acres. Holly Detamara's rescue dog had to help.

Becca the foreman, telling everyone what to do next, what to cut. A perfect job for Becca who loves rules and planning things.

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